Flexible data

FAIMS binds text, structured, geospatial and multimedia data in a single workflow. No more switching between apps to capture GIS points, make notes and take pictures.

Custom Export

Data collected in FAIMS can be exported in a variety of formats (.csv and .kml), or customised for individual needs.


Need controlled pick lists with some wriggle room? FAIMS has Annotations to allow additional notes about your data. This is the digital equivalent of 'scribbling in the margin'.

Certainty Sliders

Not 100% sure about something but had to make call in the field? You can use the Certainty Slider to set the confidence with which you made your observation.


FAIMS provides for multimedia file and metadata management. It connects to your device's camera to snap as many shots as you like. Pictures are attached to the record and inherit its data upon export. You can also attach any other file to record, eg a digital sketch captured on another app on the same device.

FAIMS works


Offline Data Capture

The FAIMS Mobile Platform can be deployed, used and syncronised offline on a standalone server.

Mobile GIS

FAIMS provides lightweight mobile GIS with geospatial point capture, raster and vector display and simple layer management.

External Connectors

Connect to external sensors such as Bluetooth GPS, scales, and digital calipers.

New Features in FAIMS3

FAIMS3 is Cross-Platform

FAIMS3 is available on Android, iOS and your desktop. Data can be entered on any device and syncronised in real time.

FAIMS3 is Self-Service

FAIMS3 can be customised with a graphic-user interface allowing anyone to build or modify a notebook without coding.

FAIMS3 is Interoperable

The FAIMS3 Mobile Platform is ready for integration with third-party data storage and processing tools.

FAIMS is for



FAIMS allows for custom validation and automation while collecting data on the device and the ability to review and correct records on the server.

Version Control

Need to know when a record was altered? FAIMS provides a complete version history of who edited what and when.

Inbuilt User Guides

A complete user guide can be uploaded for any notebook. In addition, FAIMS displays contextual help to provide additional information about an attribute, form or section to help users in the field. It can be in rich text format with images and hyperlinks and be as long or short as you want.

Picture Galleries

FAIMS picture galleries let you pick a value by tapping a picture linked to a controlled vocabulary term. This can be useful for training new teams, or when users of varying levels of experience are recording. A picture tells a 1000 words!

Want more information?

See our (User Guide)[https://docs.fieldmark.au/en/latest/] or get in touch.