FAIMS is an open-source project and all code is available through our GitHub Organisation page. The code for FAIMS 2 is under a GPLv3 license, and the code of FAIMS 3 is under an Apache 2 license with a DCO. All documentation is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. 1

Users may create and share screenshots and videos of FAIMS freely. Acknowledgement is welcome with a citation or standalone statement:

This module was created in the FAIMS Mobile Platform v[version], https://doi.org/10.1016/j.softx.2017.12.006.

Packages used can be seen in our software bill of materials (JSON) (current as of commit 3ac897e1).

Terms of Service

Our services, unless otherwise agreed, are for demonstration purposes only. There should be no expectation of reliability of service or data. Content you post is your own, but may be accessed by other users due to demonstration settings.

To be clear, we are still in a pre-release state and you are using our demo server. You and your team will be using this service at your own risk. We do not presently offer any warranty on data stored on our demo server or through the application. Other users have experienced data loss events by choosing to “wipe” unsynchronised data, by not taking backups, through updating the app, and by failing to synchronise successfully.

We also cannot guarantee data security on our demo server as this server was not designed for this purpose and administration rights have been granted to a larger pool of testers than we recommend for ‘real’ data collection. Do not store sensitive data or data covered under the Australian Privacy Act on our server. Make sure you have a backup method of collecting data and are ready to switch to it. We cannot offer urgent field support without a pre-existing relationship and contract.

  1. We have used Voyant Tools’s about page as a guide for this section. Sinclair, Stéfan and Geoffrey Rockwell, 2016. Voyant Tools. Web. http://voyant-tools.org/.