From a 2021 data collection trip by CSIRO

In March 2015 the FAIMS Project began collaborating with researchers Dr Jens Klump and Dr Nathan Reid from CSIRO Mineral Resources, Perth, West Australia, working on the Capricorn Distal Footprints project. They needed a module for the collection of water, rock, soil, soil crust and vegetation samples in remote western Australia. Independent teams captured necessary data about each sample, including images and GIS points using the FAIMS Mobile app.

The module require custom logic to enable custom International Geo Sample Number (IGSN) generation on the device, a dynamic list for pH and Eh values in Water samples and soft validation on Temperature and Conductivity field.

In additional, the FAIMS feature set was expanded to include QR label scanning and loading of records and label printing via the portable Zebra T4 Bluetooth Printer.

We are now in a position where all of our hydro samples are collected in this way and we just had a massive win with the Coompana geochem program where we used the app to collect soils, soil crusts, rocks and veg via helicopter and I think it saved us at least 40-50% of time on the ground. Let alone not having to do any data entry.
Nathan Reid, 2018

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