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Screenshots from the FAIMS 2 Module.

In 2014 we began work on a custom module to support Associate Professor Nicola Stern’s long-standing research at Lake Mungo in the world-heritage-listed Willandra Lakes National Park, in northwestern NSW. The project ‘Human responses to long-term landscape and climate change in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area’ (ARC Discovery Project, DP 1092966) was a collaborative endeavour involving the Elders from the Traditional Tribal Groups from the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area and an inter-disciplinary research team. (Read more about the project here.)

The work involved the adaption of an existing digital workflow designed for palm top computers. It was a challenge for the first generation of FAIMS modules and required the development of custom features enjoyed by all in FAIMS 2.0.

It also integrates a complete reference manual into guided help text.

"The system worked well and saved me a lot of work in the evenings, compiling and formatting the data from multiple devices! And the students doing the data entry really liked working with the tablets and embedded glossaries."
-- Nicola Stern, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

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The module is archived here: