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A very brief dev update as we work through issues found by taking FAIMS 3 into the field.

Macquarie University Biologists using FAIMS to determine tree groundwater use. Photo from a FAIMS3-created-record, TREE 00002-30300 by Loren Pollitt CC-BY-SA.

Status Update

Our devs are hard at work, updating our server code for role management, making persistent fields (so that field values entered in one form instance persist through the next record), and having branching logic/conditional visibility ready for QA in the coming week.

We are also dealing with the natural consequences of multiple teams taking FAIMS3 to the field for the first time, which… goes some way towards explaining the shortness and delay of this post.

We now have four total notebooks which have been used to collect genuine (not test) records!

Where did August go?

If anyone finds a missing August, and if they could return it to me, that’d be great.

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